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What is the difference between Ultra-Tex and Ultra-Sperse?

 Here is a handy dandy chart on using Ultra-Tex versus Ultra-Sperse products. 

 Usage ratioSolubilityStarchBenefitsTextureAcidity tolleranceFreeze thaw stableRecommended Use
Ultratex-30.2-8%Cold or Hot, High Shear (Blender)TapiocaGood for cold applications, can be heatedSmoothLowYesGlazes 2-3%, Dessert sauces 3-4% 
Ultratex-40.2-8%Cold or Hot, High Shear (Blender)CornGood for cold applications, can be heatedSmoothVery LowNoGlazes 2-3%, Dessert sauces 3-4% 
Ultratex-80.2-8%Cold or Hot, High Shear (Blender)TapiocaGood for cold applications resists heat better than 3,4. Higher viscosity than 3,4CreamyLowYesCream sauces 3-3.5%, Gravy/Jus 4%, Purees 6%, Pudding 8%
Ultrasperse 30.2-8%Cold or Hot, Low Shear (whisk)TapiocaMixes easy, Works for hot and cold applications. Can be frozen.SmoothLowYesGravy 3-4%, Pudding 6-8%
Ultrasperse M0.2-8%Cold or Hot, Low Shear (whisk)TapiocaMost stable, Resists high heat, low acid, high shear. Can be frozen.CreamyVery LowYesGravy 3-4%, Pudding 6-8%